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Welcome to the personal website of Roz Bennetts and contact website for Leonard Bennetts

Welcome! This website is doubling up as a personal website and the contact portal for my late father's (Leonard Bennetts) website. I get quite a few messages from people who knew my Dad and they're always nice to receive.

In any event it's handy to have something online in case someone from school looks you up - and
if you are one of those people I'd really love to hear from you. In fact I'd love to hear from any colleagues from my very early days who I've fallen out of contact with completely; particularly anyone who used to work at Belsize Pharmacy and quite a few people from Rank Xerox too - please do get in touch.

So what will you find here? Well I took inspiration from other people's personal websites and I've included a bit of information about my family; my Dad was Leonard Bennetts the painter. My brother Maurice gets a mention for his love of cars, (it seems to run in the family) and I've got some information about my interests, what I do for a living and other bits and pieces.

I look forward to hearing from any visitors to this site (and in particular those who arrived by the contact link from my Dad's website) so please do let me know you stopped by.

All the best,